Live. Laugh. Love – SOLD!

This is meant for a girl turning 21 years old. Quoting ‘life starts only when you turn 21‘. Therefore i decided to use ‘live,laugh,love’ on the front of the card!

This card is a 3 layered card, colours being, purple, pink & yellow! This card features the little mouse from the penny black series, which adds so much more happiness to the words itself!

Price: $7
Size: S

If interested in a similar card, leave us a comment or email us!


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Happy happy happy birthday – SOLD!

Another addition to the birthday collection!


A salmon pink base card accompanied by flowers, pearls and twine!

It’s a really dimensional card because of the layering and the items on the card itself!

The colours go perfectly well for a spring theme birthday! What’s spring without the pretty flowers and picnics?

Price: $15
Size: S

If you are interested in a similar card, leave a comment or email us!

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It’s your day! – SOLD!


This card is slightly more mature then the other cards I previously did, so it’s something new to work on!

It is a bunch of tulips of 3 different colours, violet, blue & salmon! With twine across the ‘it’s your day’ tag.


Inside of the card is decorated simply. Just a simple banner with ‘happy birthday’ sentiments to accompany the birthday wishes you would like to write.

Price: SGD$7
Size: M

If you are interested in similar cards, email us or leave a comment! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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New items!

Yes! This is the last bit I’ve waited for. My stamps & strings have finally arrived!


& I finally got some twine!


I’ll be trying them out & hopefully get to do more cards with it!

& I just pack my inks into a little box because some of the caps aren’t really tight.


I have one package from lawnfawn which I hope to receive soon but other than that I’ll be concentrating on my new creations (:

Stay tune!

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LIMITED – Easter bunnies are out!


The Easter bunnies are out!! Yes, April is round the corner so I’m preparing my Easter cards! I’ll be sending them out to my friends who celebrate Easter!


All the bunnies are in different colours & holding onto egg balloons!

If you are interest in purchasing some Easter cards, leave us a comment or email us!

Price: $4.00
Size: M

These cards are only available from now till 1st April!

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New items!

Guess what! It was my lucky day today! I’ve finally found what I was looking for! Remember what was on my wish list recently? I’ve found it! A few new items I invested on (:




Got more copie markers for colouring! Yes! I love copie markers!!! Found some childhood stamps too! And I was surprise I actually got some penny black, forever friends & Minnie mouse stamps!


Done working on the birthday cards this month. Will be working on Easter cards soon! Stay tune!

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Just a quick tip! These are the scissors I use when I’m making the cards. Yup, I had to invest in them, so that I could cut fine details.

The cutterbee (pink) is smaller which allows me to cut finer details but the handle can be tiring at times…

While the other scissor (red) has larger handle and it’s very precise too!

These are my 2 handy scissors which I’ll recommend for paper cutting details.

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