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Hey all!

I’ve moved to !

I have recently update more cards on that site. So check it out!

Why the switch? I grew out of the name ‘livingonsweets’, I needed something more original. That’s why I have switched to tangeemist! I will continue making cards but they’ll be posted on the new side.

Cheers! & see ya over there~


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New stuff!

I’ve been shopping! A few stuff I’ve got in bundle are below.

What I’m most thrilled to use are the copie markers!! Finally, my own copie markers. Previously, my friend, who used to take designing, has been lending hers to me, which is really sweet! But every time I use it, i really try not to use so much as they aren’t mine. So I finally got my own set!

I’ve got some new paper, keys, ribbons, stickers, a cutter, markers & stamps …





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Wishlist: The greeting farm…

I was browsing through the new items papermarket had and i came across this!!! Isn’t it epic cute?! Sadly, it’s out of stock at all three outlets ): You have no idea how sad i am… No bunnies at all … Sobs…

So i’m planning to get this when my friend goes over to USA in march. Might be a long wait but it’s too cute! I can imagine using it in many of my cards!

C’mon bunnies, why must you be so cute?

They are so cute! I just fall in love with them the moment i saw it. Hope i can find them soon (:

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New stuffs!


Got new items today! Have 2 friends turning 21 years old in march. So I thought, I show stock up some stuff to prepare their cards / presents.

Here’s a few things i got!

Paper edge cutter to give a vintage effect.

New inks!

Flowers & pearls!

A butterfly punch


Lastly, a small stamp…

Will need to get more embossing glue & some copie markers soon.

My stamps from USA is still being shipped. Hope to get them soon!

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More stuff?


Yup! I have to pack my craft stuff! Well… I’ve been learning how to make cards & how to store my craft stuff.

As i learn more, I’ve been looking at more stamps and equipment too! I realise, this hobby is sure ain’t cheap! But I really enjoying doing it, so I decided to save up & get the stuff I’m aiming at! Sadly, these items I’m planning to get have to be shipped over to me, so waiting time is going be a while too, which allows me to really decide what I should get instead of what I wanna get.

Will update on whatever new items I’ll be getting!

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Hello world!

If you are looking for handmade cards! You’ve found it! I love crafting & personalizing cards just for anyone for any occasion! Each design is limited in numbers and personalizing of cards are welcome! Just tell me what you want and i’ll try my best to give you what you ask for!

  • Comment are welcome!
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  • Get¬†latest¬†updates on my instagram account!
  • E-mail me for any inquiry!

More post are on your way! Enjoy!

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