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Just a quick tip! These are the scissors I use when I’m making the cards. Yup, I had to invest in them, so that I could cut fine details.

The cutterbee (pink) is smaller which allows me to cut finer details but the handle can be tiring at times…

While the other scissor (red) has larger handle and it’s very precise too!

These are my 2 handy scissors which I’ll recommend for paper cutting details.


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Vintage says it all.


How to make your paper looks vintage? Well, use some distress ink to ink up the sides!

1. Edge cutter
2. Distress ink (I’m using vintage photo)
3. Dense sponge

1. Run the cutter back & fro on each sides of the paper.
2. Dap your dense sponge onto the distress ink.
3. Run the sponge on the edge of the paper.
4. After running the sponge along the slides of the paper, gently rub the sponge in circular motion on the paper for a staining effect.

My say:
Its my first time vintaging paper but I’ve got to say, the distress (vintage photo) might have been too dark on my paper. I’ll be picking up distress (old paper) when I have the time, I believe it’s lighter, so the stains won’t be that harsh.

Vintaging the sides, add texture to your cards, so I’m pretty happy with the results. Will post an image of the complete card soon (:

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