Know more about our cards! If you still have enquiries, email us or leave a comment!

  • All cards are pre-order only.
    Cards are not pre-made before hand. They are always ‘freshly made’ hot from the sweet kitchen 😉
  • Cards might be similar but they are never identical!
    Each card we make are designed to your preference (if you have any) or allow us to surprise you (: If you are interested in bulk orders (eg: easter / Christmas cards), you’ll realise cards are not identical but similar in design only.
  • Custom cards
    If you are looking for a particular card, we’ll design it to your preference or allow us to surprise you! Do note the price can range from $5 to $20. This depends on the materials used and size of the card. Feel free to tell us if you have a budget and we’ll be more than happy to work within your budget to satisfy you!
  • Card sizes
    At the moment, we have 4 different sizes of cards: extra small (xs), small (s), medium (m) and large (l). Extra small cards are the size of a credit card, they are ideal gift tags! Both small & medium cards are currently only avail in rectangular shape. Large cards are slightly for squarish.

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