About ‘LivingOnSweets’

Hello there! I’m Janna and i’m living on a sunny island called Singapore!

Loved craft at a young age but I’ve stopped crafting for close to a decade. Recently, inspired by what i see, I’ve started to do crafting again. Due to the long break I’ve taken, i believe I’ve lost touch with my ‘artsy’ side but when I’m inspired, I just have to get the idea out.

Hope you like what you see and read on this blog. I’m not a pro but i’m a perfectionist. So i try my best to gain perfection in each card i make!

How it started out?
Well, one day I was looking for a birthday card for a friend but I couldn’t find a suitable card to my liking. So I visited the craft store, pick out some paper and accessories and put a card together! That’s when I decided to make handmade cards again!

Again? Yes. I started making cards when I was little, age 12+ or so but as I got caught up in school work & growing it. I stopped crafting. Recently I’ve decided to resume this interest and get back to it!

I would say crafting has developed so much! All the new items and equipment, they are mind blowing! So on this blog, other than selling cards, I’ll be sharing ideas, hauls, reviews, tips and more!

So stay tune & enjoy!


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