New stuff!

I’ve been shopping! A few stuff I’ve got in bundle are below.

What I’m most thrilled to use are the copie markers!! Finally, my own copie markers. Previously, my friend, who used to take designing, has been lending hers to me, which is really sweet! But every time I use it, i really try not to use so much as they aren’t mine. So I finally got my own set!

I’ve got some new paper, keys, ribbons, stickers, a cutter, markers & stamps …






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6 responses to “New stuff!

  1. you bought copic!! from arts friends?

    • Janna

      yup! got them from art friends, dont think other places actually sells them.

      • have you tried coloring with them? Do they blend really well?? I have been thinking whether should I get them or just regular markers..

      • Janna

        yup, ive been using them for all coloring. I LOVE the colors! It blends well for colors that are close, colors that are slightly apart don’t really blend well. Are you gonna invest in some too??

  2. hahaha.. im thinking to! how much is one?

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