Hey all!

I’ve moved to !

I have recently update more cards on that site. So check it out!

Why the switch? I grew out of the name ‘livingonsweets’, I needed something more original. That’s why I have switched to tangeemist! I will continue making cards but they’ll be posted on the new side.

Cheers! & see ya over there~


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More than flowers

Another card for mother’s day!

I realise how much women loves flowers. It doesn’t have to be a real flower, a flower that cut out of paper will do the same too!

Here’s how the card looks like:


The little details on the flower:


It might not be visible on the photo but this card has droplets of glitter on it, to add texture to the card!


It’s a simple card with classic details any mums will appreciate! If interest, leave a comment or email us!

Size: M
Price: $10

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In the skies

Another card to for mother’s day. This card has a tag line that is suitable for any occasion! So I decided to tag it for mother’s day this time round.


The details:


The buildings and clouds are all embossed for that metallic look. The hot air ballon is attached to the wavy tag line which curls to look like its moving with the wind!

Size: M
Price: $12

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New items!

A local craft store is closing down so I went for the closing down sales! Discounts were range from 30% to 60%!! The last day of sales is on 9th April! So go visit the store and be surprised!


Today’s loot:

3 new stamps that I’ve always look at but I’ve never bought this brand before as they are pretty costly. So I got 60% off 2 stamp sets & 30% of one.
Paper, buttons, ink & glitter spray was at a 50% off (spend more than $60)! So it was pretty worry it.


Lastly, look how much I saved! Close to $94 !!!


So go check the store out! It’s a crash sales! Papers go as cheap at 60c per piece if you are getting more than 30 sheets!

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LIMITED – The one who cooks

Mother’s day is around the corner, so here is of the ideas. My mummy is the one preparing the meals in the family so I decided to use cutlery as this card’s theme.

It has a flowery background that has a vintage touch to it which reminds me of fabric.


Price: $8.50
Size: S

Stay tune for more mother’s day cards!

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Send me a Birthday cake – SOLD!


A 3 tier cake with glitter frosting!!! This card is suitable for any girl turing a year wiser. Happy birthday words are embossed too to give the card a dimensional look, even the candles’ flames shines! And of course the glitter frosting looks like edible glitter!

A close up of the card:


The background is distress to give it a textured tone, so that the colours of the layer cakes will have a contrast.

Price: $10
Size: S

If looking for a similar card, leave a comment or email us at

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New Items!

Hello! New items are finally in from the ranger selection and other few items I decided to invest on! Let’s go!

Today’s loot! List of items below;

New inks! Got 2 new distress colours, trying ranger’s ink & a memento ink.

LOVE! This sentiments! Fabulous frame and they have so many words in it! Its a set for birthday, thanks you, mother’s day and father’ day card!

Decided to invest on this! Save me the trouble from peeling the paper off the double sided tap.

Finally the blending tool is instock!

3 bottles of cool liquids!

Some pearls, stamping paper and coloured twine!

Corner cutters!

That’s the list of items I’ve got today. I’ve tried them and I’ll be writing reviews on the items! Hopefully it’ll be helpful to other crafters who are wondering if these items are worth purchasing or not. Stay tune!

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